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Joy, 54
{– 8 months on medical cannabis – Cancer – Previously treated with chemotherapy, a nonbenzodiazepine sleep medication I have stage 4 breast cancer and receive monthly chemotherapy to keep it stable. I used medical cannabis oils as an “alternative” additional therapy to [cytotoxic chemotherapy medications] and to feel better. My Oncologist is aware of it and doesn’t discourage me. I use the Indica 9lb hammer strain to help me sleep post-chemotherapy because the steroids given to me as part of the IV drip make it very hard to sleep for several days. The Indica strain is perfect for helping me to sleep through the night. I tried [a nonbenzodiazepine sleep medication], but did not like it. I also ingest a rice grain size dose of the Sativa oils for more energy and to help me with general body aches and pains which are a harsh side effect of the chemotherapy. On my bad days, the oils and the vaping help with my pain, nausea, and appetite. I am miserable after my roughly once a week chemotherapy. The medicinal cannabis helps me feel better than I would feel without it. I am also hoping that the cannabis helps kill more cancer cells in conjunction with [cytotoxic chemotherapy medications]. I have read so many testimonials on cancer sites that folks are having similar positive experiences with cannabis. I truly believe it should be recreationally legal as well. I don’t see cannabis as a “party drug” at all anymore. Cannabis relaxes you and calms you down if you are anxious, or at least that is what I experience with using it. I am still working full time as a Fiscal Manager and using cannabis has not affected my ability to work as a professional. I only use the tincture drops mid-day as part of my alternative cancer-fighting protocol. The tincture I use does not create a euphoric effect in any way. I am at home when using cannabis most of the time and I am definitely smart enough not to drive “baked” as the FHP PSAs warn about. Dr. Dorn and his staff have been wonderful to me and I am very satisfied with MMTC’s Tallahassee location.

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Tom, 45
{– 5 months on medical cannabis – Back Pain, Sciatica, Depression, Anxiety, Panic disorder, Insomnia – Previously treated with opioids, benzos, antidepressants After 5 months of cannabis treatment I am so happy to report the I no longer take any prescription medications for my conditions which are sciatica, major depression, general anxiety disorder with panic attacks and insomnia. In the past I had a medication for each of those conditions that had bad side effects and addiction problems from the opiates to the benzos as well as the anti-depressants causing mania. After dealing with some of these for 20+ years it is AWESOME to have these conditions finally under some control that seems reasonable. Frankly, I haven’t had a quality of life this good in a very long time. Sansha was great to me at the Summerfield location and God bless you all at MMTC.
M.A., 57
{– 2 years on medical cannabis – Degenerative Disc Disorder, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression I live with a 3 level titanium neck. I have severe osteoarthritis. Severe fibromyalgia. Ptsd. Major anxiety. Bouts of depression. I am cane and wheelchair free by the grace of God and his plant.

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